The campsite is set amongst mature native trees and shrubs, surrounding and sectioning different camping areas and pitches. We have planted even more trees and hedging and wild flower meadows encouraging biodiversity. This has helped to support a wide range of species such as birds, butterflies, bees, ladybirds etc. Some of the trees featured are Beech, Oak, Silver Birch, Holly, Maple, Hawthorn, Alder, Elder, Ash, Yew and Japanese Maple.

We love seeing birds in our campsite and listening to the multitude of songs and chirpings. We have many trees with berries which is a good source of food for them. We have placed bird and bat nesting boxes in the campsite itself and surrounding areas.

Next to our house we have a patch of land that is also planted with various trees and shrubs. Here we have a field dedicated for Yoga classes with beautiful views of Dunmanus bay. Across and above the campsite is an area kept as a nature reserve, for birds and wildlife. In the future we plan to make walking paths with a viewing point at the top.